Never Surrender LP - Limited Edition Yellow with Black, Orange and Green splatter

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To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of "Never Surrender" we are thrilled to announce this limited edition re-issue of one Triumph's most beloved releases and features the songs " "All the Way", "A World of Fantasy" and "Never Surrender." 

This variant features yellow vinyl with black, orange and green splatter.  Limited to 200 copies.

Side 1:

  1. "Too Much Thinking" 
  2. "A World of Fantasy" 
  3. "A Minor Prelude"
  4. "All the Way"
  5. "Battle Cry"

Side 2:

  1. "Overture (Processional)" 
  2. "Never Surrender" 
  3. "When the Lights Go Down" 
  4. "Writing on the Wall" 
  5. "Epilogue (Resolution)"