Rock & Roll Machine LP Reissue - All 4 Variants

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The second release in our Triumph vinyl reissues series is Rock & Roll Machine!

Rock & Roll Machine is the second studio album by Triumph, released in 1977.

This collection is for the diehard Triumph fan who has to have everything.

All four of the vinyl reissues in one set!
Ver 1: Cobalt Blue 
Ver 2: Light Blue 
Ver 3: Cobalt and Baby blue with orange splatter 
Ver 4: Red, orange, blue, black splatter

Track Listing: 

1. "Takes Time"
2. "Bringing It On Home"
3. "Little Texas Shaker"
4. "New York City Streets, Pt. 1"
5. "New York City Streets, Pt. 2"
6. "The City: War March / El Duende Agonizante / Minstrel's Lament"
7. "Rocky Mountain Way"
8. "Rock & Roll Machine"